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Posted by admin | 3D Tech,High Res | Monday 2 August 2010 13:29

High-Resolution Imagery from Two Data Streams

Side-by-side is not the only possibility when it comes to broadcasting and distributing 3D image streams. If there is no need to retain frame compatibility with existing MPEG-2 based broadcasting, there are a number of ways to transmit natural 3D images with no resolution degradation. One of these is the dual-stream approach (Fig. 5).

Fig.  Dual Stream Approach for Higher-Definition 3D Broadcasting
Diagram outlines dual stream broadcasting, now being considered for simultaneous transfer of multiple data streams. Korea is expected to begin 3D broadcasting in October 2010, packing MPEG-2 and H.264 data into a single channel on terrestrial waves (a). MVC and Sensio’s SENSIO Advanced also use dual streaming (b). The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) is working on a concept called “depth broadcasting,” which will add depth information via the network to standard 2D broadcast data (c).