3D ColorCode

Posted by admin | 3D Tech,Color Code | Monday 2 August 2010 12:50

Channel 4 3D Movie technology revealed

When Channel 4 demonstrates the wonders of 3D TV next week, the audience will need to wear coloured (anaglyph) glasses. No great surprise there, but I imagine most people will be expecting the traditional red-blue lenses. While familiar, the red-blue glasses can be quite uncomfortable to wear. The left, red lens is much darker than the right, and is used for depth cues rather than details. It give the 3D effect, but with a side-effect of making you feel uncomfortably like you are wearing an eye-patch.

A posh version of the Sainsbury 3D specsThankfully Channel 4 is using a more modern technology, though still anaglyph. It’s called ColorCode 3D, a patented version of anaglyph that uses amber and dark blue which allows a more balanced level of light through. It also makes colour range broader, for a more natural look. If you are in the UK you can pick up your glasses free from Sainsbury’s.

Presumably Channel 4 is working from original film in most of these cases, and will be encoding the video to match the ColorCode format. That means the footage exists in a format that could be encoded into any other format too. I’d love to see a parallel side-by-side version of the movies show up in iTunes.