3D Film

Posted by admin | 3D Film,3D Tech | Thursday 14 July 2011 21:59

There are two type of transparent film, which allows to display stereoscopic 3D image on any screen, such as laptop, monitor, or television. Read more about GlobalWave Pic3D film here.

There are two distinguished methods presently available on the market: parallax barrier and lenticular film. The difference between those two is self-explanatory as shown below:


Lenticular screens

Screens with a molded lenticular surface are frequently used with projection television systems. In this case, the purpose of the lenses is to focus more of the

light into a horizontal beam and allow less of the light to escape above and below the plane of the viewer. In this way, the apparent brightness of the image is increased.

Ordinary front-projection screens can also be described as lenticular. In this case, rather than transparent lenses, the shapes formed are tiny curved reflectors.