Posted by admin | 3D Soft,Reallusion | Saturday 12 March 2011 00:59

Solution for Authentic 3D Stereo Creation

 3D has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until recently that Hollywood started embracing new and improved technologies for the 3D experience. Hardware manufacturers are already offering the latest 3D devices for home and office but there is still a lack of 3D stereo content to go around. Reallusion, the leading 3D-animation solution provider, has now come forward with an easy and highly affordable way for users to create Authentic 3D content for video or print

This video will guide you through a number of interesting and useful applications for iClone’s Authentic 3D capabilities. From the basics of importing your own simple media and rendering in a 3D stereoscopic environment to creating 3D animated renders for product display, this tutorial will help you make full use of iClone’s 3D stereoscopic capabilities.


 How to View 3D

Reallusion Authentic 3D technology provides both anaglyph and side-by-side video or image output to be viewed on any 3D device.

  • This case shows you the possibility to make the logo more impressive with dynamic 3D animation: flip, bounce, pop out from the screen!