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World’s Smallest 3D Full HD Display

– 13 MAY 2011

Ortus Technology exhibited a prototype of the world’s smallest Full HD TFT panel, at 4.8 inches, which now supports 3D.

“This 4.8-inch Full HD panel has 1920 x 1080 pixels, and we have adhered a special optical film, called Xpol, to the panel. This enables the panel to alternately show images for the right and left eye on each line.”

In 2D mode, the pixel density is 458 ppi, which enables incredibly high definition, beyond the detection limit of the human eye. This was achieved through optimized design based on Ortus Technology’s own HAST, or Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT, which reduces the space in between pixels allowing the light to be transmitted more efficiently and creating a high aperture ratio.

“The areas where interconnects and transistors are formed, apart from the pixels, don’t contribute to the light-transmitting parts. So the aperture ratio depends on how small and fine those parts are made. The finer the pitch, the higher is the relative proportion occupied by the interconnects. So to achieve high resolution, it’s necessary to fabricate panels with a high aperture ratio.”

3D is achieved by using a circular polarizing film called Xpol, developed by Arisawa Manufacturing. This film is affixed to the panel with extremely precise alignment. Because this system shows images for the left and right eye alternately on each line, the vertical resolution is halved.

“We expect this technology will be utilized in the monitors of commercial 3D cameras. It could be used to check 3D images immediately after taking them. We haven’t set a date for the market launch, but we could start production in the near future, depending on demand from customers.”

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