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Short history of 3D market development in recent years


  • As of 2008, 3D programming is broadcast on Japanese cable channel BS 11 approximately four times per day.
  • Cablevision launched a 3D version of its MSG channel on March 24, 2010, available only to Cablevision subscribers on channel 1300.  The channel is dedicated primarily to sports broadcasts, including MSG’s 3D broadcast of a New York Rangers-New York Islanders game, limited coverage of the 2010 Masters Tournament, and (in cooperation with YES Network) a game between the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners.


  • The first Australian program broadcast in high-definition 3D was Fox Sports coverage of the soccer game Australia-New Zealand on 24 May 2010.
  • Also in Australia, the Nine Network and Special Broadcasting Service will be bringing the State of Origin (matches on 26 May, 16 June and 7 July 2010) (Nine) and FIFA World Cup (SBS) in 3D on Channel 40 respectively.
  • Earlier this year (2010) Discovery Communications, Imax and Sony announced plans to launch a 3D TV channel in the US with a planned launch in early 2011. At the same time, a Russian company Platform HD and its partners – General Satellite and Samsung Electronics – announced about their 3D television project, which would be the first similar project in Russia.
  • In Brazil Rede TV! became the first Terrestrial television to transmit 3D signal freely for all 3D enabled audience on 21 May. But despite their technology, its programming is still in poor quality.
  • Starting on June 11, 2010, ESPN launched a new channel, ESPN 3D, dedicated to 3D sports with up to 85 live events a year in 3D.
  • On 1 January 2010, the world’s first 3D channel, SKY 3D, started broadcasting nationwide in South Korea by Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting. The channel’s slogan is “World No.1 3D Channel”. This 24/7 channel uses the Side by Side technology at a resolution of 1920x1080i. 3D contents include education, animation, sport, documentary and performances.
  • A full 24 hour broadcast channel was announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics show as a joint venture from IMAX, Sony, and the Discovery channel. The intent is to launch the channel in the United States by year end 2010.

DirecTV and Panasonic plan to launch 2 broadcast channels and 1 Video on demand channel with 3D content in June 2010. DirecTV previewed a live demo of their 3D feed at the Consumer Electronics Show held January 7–10, 2010.


  • British Sky Broadcasting (Sky) launched a limited 3D TV broadcast service on April 3, 2010.
  • Transmitting from the Astra 2A satellite at 28.2° east, Sky 3D broadcast a selection of live UK Premier League football matches to over 1000 British pubs and clubs equipped with a Sky+HD Digibox and 3D Ready TVs, and preview programmes provided for free to top-tier Sky HD subscribers with 3D TV equipment.
  • This was later expanded to include a selection of films, sports, and entertainment programming launched to Sky subscribers on 1 October 2010.
  • On September 28, 2010, Virgin Media launched a 3D TV on Demand service.
  • Several other European pay-TV networks are also planning 3D TV channels and some have started test transmissions on other Astra satellites, including French pay-TV operator Canal+ which has announced its first 3D channel is to be launched in December 2010.
  • Also the Spanish Canal+ has started the first broadcastings on May 18, 2010 and included 2010 FIFA World Cup matches in the new Canal+ 3D channel. Satellite operator SES Astra started a free-to-air 3D demonstration channel on the Astra satellite at 23.5° east on May 4, 2010 for the opening of the 2010 ANGA Cable international trade fair using 3D programming supplied by 3D Ready TV manufacturer Samsung under an agreement between Astra and Samsung to co-promote 3D TV.

Satellite 3D: As of November 2010, there were eight 3D channels broadcasting to Europe from three Astra satellite positions, including demonstrations provided by Astra, pay-TV from BSkyB, Canal+ and others, and the Dutch Brava3D cultural channel, which provides a mix of classical music, opera and ballet free-to-air across Europe from Astra 23.5°E.

2011: In April 2011, HIGH TV, a 3D family entertainment Channel launched.

List of 3D Channels

Channel Country(s) Additional Info.
HIGH TV 3D Worldwide Entertainment
Cinema 3D United States DirecTV only
3net United States DirecTV only
Eurosport 3D United Kingdom Virgin Media only
Sky 3D United Kingdom Sky only
Foxtel 3D Australia Foxtel Only
HD1 Belgium (and other European countries) Free to Air
Sky 3D Germany, Austria Sky only
Anixe 3D German-speaking countries Free to Air
3D-TV Finland
Sport 5 3D Israel
nShow 3D Poland ITI Group only
Xfinity 3D United States Comcast only

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