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Over 400 3D movies, music concerts, video clips, demos, presentations, pictures, books, and other categories, mostly in English language, will be loaded into a single high density hard drive (HHD).

Several 3D player software are included into this HHD for you to select from. Depending on your 3D television, 3D Player, 3D computer, or 3D monitor — those 3D players have to be tested for best performance. For any other configuration problems please contact the expert@mizva.com.

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There are many different categories for you to select from, such as. The content of each category is listed below this table:

3D Action        3D Museums         3D Animation

3D Pictures     3D Concerts           3D Presentations

3D Horror       3D Software           3D Drama, Fiction

3D IMAX         3D SciFi                 3D Movie Trailers

3D XXX           3D TV Demos

Please contact the webmaster in writing to expert@mizva.com to get a list of all 3D products that are available. You can also request 3D movies of your choice that not listed. You can also call me at +1.847.380.6439 and discuss what movies you need.

Please be advised that all movies are $1 each with a minimum of 100 movies per purchase. All 3D products will be placed on HDD – High Density Drive.

500 GB HHD                       $50

1.0 TB HHD                         $100

1.5 TB HHD                          $150

International shipping       $30


  • Please select type of 3D products (i.e. ACTION, etc.) and specify movie number (i.e. ACTION 2,4,15,48, etc)
  • Make sure that the total number of  3D movies are 100 or more.





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