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Actius RD3D

2.8GHz Pentium 4, 512MB, 60GB, DVD, Windows XP Pro

Product Description

Sharp has the world’s first autostereo 3D Notebook, the Actius RD3D! Designed with the high performance demands of 3D applications in mind, the Actius RD3D come loaded with the Intel® Pentium®4 Processor 2.80GHz and the NVIDIA® GeForce™ 4 440 Go graphic processing unit with 64 MB of dedicated graphics memory.

This Notebook also comes with a DVD-R/-RW/RAM and CD-R/RW media compatibility that allows users to produce original DVDs, to back up important data on DVD or CD, or to watch 2D or 3D DVD movies. We’ll also include three of the hottest gaming titles available from Electronic Arts, Inc.!

With its 15-inch XGA display, 512MB DDR SDRAM memory (expandable to 1024MB with optional memory upgrade), 55.8GB hard drive* (approximate) and pre-loaded Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, this may be the most powerful, capable, remarkable Notebook computer… ever.

Product details:

  • * Sharp’s TFT 3D LCD technology offers a realistic sense of depth and presence that has not been previosly available in LCD displays. Using a parallax barrier, light from the LCD is divided so that different patterns reach the viewer’s left and right eye. This makes it possible for the image on the screen appear in three dimensions without those silly glasses.* 2D/ 3D switchable display can be switched between 2D and 3D d
  • isplay modes at the touch of a button, making the notebook flexible for use in standard 2D applications, such as spreadsaheets, photo editing or email, as well as in enhanced 3D applications like CAD and games.
  • Enjoy 3D right away with the included software bundle designed to take advantage of its 3D capability. The Sharp Smart Stereo Photo Editor and Slide Show can be used to create 3D images from 2D photos. Also bundled are the TriDef™ Movie Player from Dynamic Digital Depth and
  • Personal CACHe for Windows (a chemical molecular modeling application). Finally, a collection of blockbuster 3D movie trailers is also included, with such titles as SOS Planet, Alien Adventure, Haunted Castle and 3D Mania Encounter in the Third Dimension.