Gift #1 Hitachi in collaboration with Technicolor has developed 3D mobile phone. Hitachi’s new 3D mobile phone going to prove 3D will be the next big thing in years to come. Seen at the Technicolor’s premises in London was the Wooo H001 mobile handset from Hitachi.

The best things about this handset:
■ Ability to produce content in 3D
■ Offering a 3D parallax view within a clamshell design
■ 854×480 in dimentions
■ 3.1-inch stereoscopic screen.
This screen, which can be flipped both vertically and horizontally, with the stereoscopic design, can be viewed without the 3D glasses, but you’ll have to view the screen from 90-degrees for best output.

The image is excellent and playback is smooth, even when playing a high definition video clip of the upcoming animated movie ‘How to train your dragon’, which we weren’t allowed to film for licensing reasons.

Gift #2 Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W1

From the advanced 3D digital camera to the stunning 3D digital viewer and breakthrough in 3D printing technology, this total 3D imaging system will change the way you take and enjoy photos. Viewed with just the naked eye, 3D images come alive with breathtaking reality and natural beauty. Images that once were only a dream are now a reality. For the FinePix REAL 3D W1, Fujifilm has developed a groundbreaking image capture system comprising two Fujinon lenses and two CCDs, and the system is integrated in the compact body with high-precision engineering. An aluminum die-cast frame provides the solid platform for the precision alignment of the left and right lenses so you can take 3D images with an unprecedented quality of reality.

Specification (For more info please visit FujiFilm selection)
■ Resolution:10 megapixel CCD
■ Internal memory (42MB), SD, SDHCFile format:3D
■ Still images: MPO + JPEG
■ 3D Movie: 3D-AVI

Gift #3 The ultra slim Samsung LED TV Series 7 Full HD TV comes fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and Samsung’s HyperReal™ Engine for the highest picture quality possible. Samsung’s innovative Ultra Clear Panel, Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, and Auto Motion Plus 240 Hz will produce crystal clear image, while its ConnetShare Movie™, Internet@ TV, and four HDMI inputs will change the way you interact with your TV. The Full HD 3D feature can even transform 2D images into mind-blowing 3D images. And on top of all this, the LED TV is extremely environmentally friendly exceeding the ENERGY STAR® certification.

VIEWER WARNING: Pregnant women, the elderly, children under age six and those with a family history of epilepsy or stroke should refrain from 3D television viewing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while viewing 3D images, discontinue viewing: altered vision; lightheadedness; dizziness; involuntary eye or muscle twitching; and/or disorientation. For the complete warning guide visit 3D TV.

Built with the most advanced 3D technology, the Samsung LED TV delivers a premium Full HD 3D experience right into your living room. To enjoy a 3D experience on your couch, all it takes is a simple push of a button on your remote. What’s more, you can even convert 2D movies into 3D experience with the built-in, real-time 3D converter. * Samsung 3D Active sunglasses required for 3D viewing experience.

Gift #4 Aspire® 5738

The Aspire® 5738 family is your ticket to high-def cinematic fun and powerful mobile performance. Riveting action and realistic audio give you a theater-like experience. Complementing the brilliant performance is the dazzling glow of the Acer® Gemstone notebook design, sure to capture attention wherever you go.

The Aspire 5738DG with the TriDef 3D screen is a 3D notebook that will take your breath away. Put on the sporty and stylish 3D polarized glasses that come with the notebook and you’re ready for a visual feast. Play games, watch movies and view photos—all in 3D.
■ Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
■ Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor T6600, (2MB L2 cache, 2.20GHz, 800MHz FSB)
■ Chipset AS5738: Mobile Intel® GM45 Express
■ Memory: 4GB (2/2) DDR3 800 SDRAM
■ Storage: Up to a 500GB* SATA hard drive, 5400RPM
■ Video: Acer® CineCrystal full HD 15.6" (1366 x 768) high-brightness TFT display

Gift #5 Polarized 3D glasses create the illusion of three-dimensional images by restricting the light that reaches each eye, an example of stereoscopy which exploits the polarization of light.

■ In the case of RealD a circularly polarizing liquid crystal filter which can switch polarity many times per second is placed on front of the projector lens.
■ Only one projector is needed, as the left and right eye images are displayed alternately. Sony features a new system called RealD XLS, which shows both circularly polarized images simultaneously: A single 4K projector displays both 2K images above each other, a special lens attachment polarizes and projects the images on top of each other.
■ To present a stereoscopic motion picture, two images are projected superimposed onto the same screen through different polarizing filters. The viewer wears low-cost eyeglasses which also contain a pair of different polarizing filters. As each filter passes only that light which is similarly polarized and blocks the light polarized in the opposite direction, each eye sees a different image. This is used to produce a three-dimensional effect by projecting the same scene into both eyes, but depicted from slightly different perspectives. Since no head tracking is involved, several people can view the stereoscopic images at the same time.

Gift #6 The DepthQ® HDs3D-1 High-Definition 3D Video Projector The DepthQ® HDs3D-1 high-definition 3D projector is the 3rd generation of Lightspeed Design's patent-pending portable stereoscopic projectors, offering superior contrast and synchronization for 3D professionals. Now $2,995.
■ These projectors leverage nearly two decades of professional 3D knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest-quality, most satisfying and hassle-free 3D experience possible - right out of the box.
■ New to the HDs3D-1 is higher brightness (2700 lumens in 3D mode), an all-digital HDMI input path for unsurpassed clarity, and start-up/shut-down times half that of previous models.
■ Additionally, these bright, professional-level 3D projectors can easily display 10 ft (3 m) wide 3D high-definition images using the latest Texas Instruments DLP® and BrilliantColorTM technologies - for wall-filling imagery with stunning colors and a 2100:1 contrast ratio, at a truly unprecedented level of price-performance.
DepthQ® = Great 3D!
The DepthQ® brand assures you of unsurpassed visual comfort and quality. Leveraging nearly two decades of professional 3D knowledge and expertise, DepthQ® products are designed to create the most satisfying and hassle-free 3D experience possible - right out of the box.

Gift #6 It's important to prepare for your AVATAR 3D DVD viewing experience by making sure that your home theater is properly set-up for the best way to see the 3D imagery. Your 3D viewing experience will differ greatly from your 2D one.

AVATAR is one of the most anticipated DVD releases of 2010. Here are some tips for watching 3D at home. Use them to maximize your viewing of the AVATAR DVD. AVATAR is one of the first 3D DVDs ever.

Get a jump start on this new trend with these AVATAR 3D DVD viewing tips:
■ Create the Optimal 3D Viewing Environment ■ Make sure that the room is dark. If you are watching the DVD when there is bright sunlight outside, try throwing some thick, dark blankets over the window. You won't have to deal with full-time dark curtains in your viewing room, and that makes sure that the bright light doesn't interfere with watching 3D at home. You also want to close doors to other rooms, if there are other people who aren't watching the DVD or if you need to leave other lights on for some reason.
■ Turn off all of the lights in a room. The less ambient light that is present in your home theater, the less double vision your 3D vision will have. Halo effects should also be reduced if you have a dark viewing environment.

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